People are not algorithms

John Amram, founder of the brokerage company HPBA, knows that a lack of chemistry between the buyer and the seller can be a deal breaker. Digitalisation will not change this.

Off-market deals on the rise in Germany

The rise of distress in Europe’s biggest market is expected to bring with it a larger proportion of off-market deals as investors turn to discreet fire sales.

Investors setting store by off-market deals in the crisis

The greater deal security makes off-market deals more interesting for investors in the current economic crisis. In particular they are likely to be utilised in the case of distress sales, which will increase according to real estate experts.

A good broker needs to say no once in a while

It is a common phenomenon: a seller with an exorbitant asking price and a compliant broker who pledges to attain even the most unrealistic of sales objectives, says broker and HPBA founder John Amram.

Dealing with a moving target

Countless market reports and specialist articles begin with sweeping statements such as: “Rarely has excess demand on the German real estate investment market been greater, something which currently favours sales to a strong degree.” This statement is – purely in terms of numbers – correct to a large extent.

Off-market booming

The interest of investors in purchases outside of large structured bidding processes has further increased in the past year. This has been discovered by bulwiengesa and the investment broker HPBA. Accordingly, 71% of the respondents participated in bidding processes, 98% stated that they had at least in part been involved in off-market transactions.

An obscure billion-euro market

A large number of properties are traded without being recorded in the statistics. Bulwiengesa is endeavouring to shed some light on this – without reaching any clear conclusions. The analytical company Bulwiengesa has made a second attempt after a year to quantify so-called off-market transactions on the real estate market. According to a study drawn up together with the real estate company HPBA the volume of this unofficial market for 2018 amounts to approx. 40 to 70 billion euros.

Off-market deals sought after

Actors on the real estate market appreciate trading out of the public eye. Off-market real estate transactions, not a part of standardised bidding processes therefore, are very popular in Germany with both sets of market players and generally lead to a successful conclusion even if they come at the cost of a price mark-up. A study puts the off-market volume for 2018 at 40 to 70 billion euros.

Real estate sales under the radar: The advantages of off-market models for family offices

Rarely have so many properties been traded on the professional German real estate markets as during last year. This is also indicated by reports from the major real estate service providers, according to which 2018 was poised to achieve the highest transaction volume since records began. In many locations buyers are still paying record prices. Numerous German family offices are taking advantage of these high price levels to streamline their real estate portfolios – frequently after having held the properties for years and even decades.

The big off-market illusion

No investor likes bidding procedures. They are expensive and frustrating. Nevertheless, more and more properties are being sold in this manner. Even those which are later described as an off-market deal. A number of “exclusive” negotiations are actually not at all exclusive.

Discreet deals

Nowadays, more and more professional transactions are taking place in the form of off-market deals. According to a recent study both buyers and sellers are turning their backs on bidding procedures and addressing large swathes of the market because such procedures take up too much time – and far too often fall through.

Higher prices for deal security and discretion

In the transaction figures published by brokers, many sales outside the sphere of bidding procedures are not included.

Real estate is frequently sold “off-market”

Estimated volume of 40 to 50 billion euros in Germany – Nearly all market players interested

A multi-billion-euro market with no audience

Many commercial properties change hands unnoticed. The size of this market is hidden from the general public. A study intends to lift the veil on this. But there are doubts.

Why Apartment Prices Are On The Rise…

… and why they could fall again. John Amram on the reasons for rising prices for apartments in Berlin and why the explanation ‘high demand, low level of supply’ is inadequate.

Bidding Process or Targeted Matchmaking?

Those considering an exit should take advantage of the good market conditions – with some deliberation.

Exiting is an Option

Those considering an exit should take advantage of the good market conditions – with some deliberation.

HPBA sets new in-house record on strong Berlin demand

Berlin off-market investment group HPBA has managed €800m of deals in the first half of 2017, setting a new record for the firm, its founder and CEO John Amram told REFIRE this month.

Space is Running Out for Companies in Berlin

For a long time Berlin was known as a city abundant with free spaces. This changed with Berlin’s economic upturn. Offices are almost full and industrial areas are scarce.

A Question of Perspective

Many investors are asking themselves the question whether they should still invest in real estate or not. Up to what price factor would an investment be worthwhile? At what point is it best to buy?

Off-market deals rain favour with Investors in overbought markets

The flexibility and exclusivity of off-market deals is becoming increasingly more popular for sellers as it offers clear advantages compared to structured bidding processes, says John Amram, founder of Berlin-based investment services boutique HPBA.

It’s Time for an Exit

When, if not now is the right time for exiting the residential real estate market? Asks John Amram, Director of HPBA.

HPBA Oversaw Sale of 1,200 Residential and Retail Units

HPBA oversaw the sale of a property portfolio, encompassing an interesting mix of around 1,200 residential and retail units and worth almost 135 million euros.

Off-Market Deals: an Old Hat Back in Fashion

In a difficult market climate the targeted buying and selling of properties is becoming increasingly important, and off-market deals are now openly talked about.

The Real Estate Market Remains Solvent

It may seem that currently no one wants to sell, but is this true? John Amram believes there’s always a reason to sell.

Many Investment Strategies on Empty Residential Real Estate Market

On the current, difficult residential real estate market, investors are becoming increasingly bold. Several investors discuss their strategies.

Off-Market Real Estate Agent HPBA Growing Faster Than Planned

HPBA, a transaction advisor centred in Berlin, has already overseen deals with a total volume of around 1 billion euros this year.

Expo Real? Too Hectic

Communication with his clients and contacts constitutes the core of his business. Nonetheless, John Amram, Director of HPBA Real Estate Solutions, is staying away from Expo Real.

HPBA Won’t Partake in Bidding Processes

The transaction-adviser HPBA is set to grow even though its director stays away from public bidding processes.

HPBA brokers 490 residential units for approx. EUR 130m

HPBA has brokered the sale of 123 residential units in Berlin-Spandau. The transaction volume amounts to 14 million euros.

HPBA brokers the sale of 123 apartments in Berlin-Spandau

HPBA has brokered the sale of 123 residential units in Berlin-Spandau. The transaction volume amounts to 14 million euros.

HPBA brokers hotel transaction worth 25 million euros

HPBA, Germany’s leading off-market specialist, has brokered a 25 million euros hotel transaction. The buyer is a European institutional investor, and a private equity company is the vendor.

HPBA brokers nursing home transaction worth 8.3 million euros

HPBA, Germany’s leading off-market specialist, has brokered an 8.3 million euros property transaction in the nursing home sector. AviaRent Capital Management S.à.r.l. has acquired the property for its CareVision III fund.

HPBA manages transactions worth 800 million euros in H1 2017

HPBA Off-Market Solutions has enjoyed a successful H1 2017. During the first half of the year, the company managed transactions worth a total of 800 million euros across the whole of Germany, of which 600 million euros involved residential real estate.

HPBA brokers transaction for almost 1,200 residential and commercial units

HPBA Real Estate Solutions has successfully brokered a major portfolio transaction with an investment volume of approximately €135 million.

HPBA manages transactions worth one billion euros

The German based transaction expert HPBA Real Estate Solutions has announced a successful first nine months of 2016.

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