HPBA is Germany’s leading off-market specialist for property transactions. In the past few years, we have accompanied transactions with a total volume of over seven billion euros, one billion of which came from 2017 alone. We will always find the best buyer for your properties. Whether it’s a single property or nationwide portfolio transactions, joint-venture deals or mergers & acquisitions; we will guide you through the entire transaction process. We see ourselves as a trustworthy partner for our clients, enabling us to find the best sales strategy and the perfect buyer.

Why Off-Market, Not On-Market?

The selection of a qualified investor or a select group of investors by HPBA demonstrably increases the execution certainty for the entire deal. Furthermore, it is usually possible to attain prices which are 5 to 6 per cent higher than with on-market or classical bidding procedures.
Meanwhile, many institutional investors and family offices are avoiding conventional bidding procedures. They believe that such procedures often provide less probability of success, while tying up enormous personnel and financial resources. For sellers, this is a drawback, as it is frequently seen with hindsight that the price attained in the bidding procedures is not always the highest price. 96 per cent of all investors, in contrast, participate in off-market transactions. The seller is assured of access to highly qualified investors “off-market” whom he would not reach in a bidding procedure.
There is an ideal buyer for every piece of real estate and for every property owner ‒ such a buyer has to be identified, however. Typical questions in this respect are: How fast and reliably is the investor able to act? Have the financial prerequisites for the size of the transaction been checked? What is the attitude of the investor to share deals and which payment modalities are feasible for the investor? What is the stance of an investor when designing the contract? Thanks to strategic matching based on investment criteria that have been jointly determined, HPBA identifies the ideal buyer and attains the best-possible result with a sale.
Off-market transactions with HPBA are not based on rigid requirements and rules. This offers benefits to sellers and buyers. Thus, the strategic values of a transaction can also be considered through off-market deals. These include, for example, possible long-term business partnerships, swap deals, the take-over of asset management platforms and even the sale of real estate to less customary investors who are not competing with the seller. Strategic aspects of a transaction are often neglected with a rules-based bidding or on-market procedures.
Moreover, off-market deals are conducted away from the gaze of the media and thus offer a high degree of discretion. This is very important to many market participants, as our study also shows. The development of mutual trust is also an important factor with every real estate transaction. For HPBA this interpersonal element is therefore of major significance.

The Four HPBA Advantages

We possess several years of transaction experience and have a deep understanding of the markets and their participants. We have developed our own method that, in combination with our off-market approach, leads to a high success rate. Four HPBA advantages form the basis of a successful transaction:
We dispose over a large established Network. We continually speak with conventional as well as unconventional investors on the highest level, both national and international. In doing so, we can always identify the perfect buyer for you.
We know the investor landscape inside out and not only know the company profile of suitable investors, but its current structures and processes too. Through our excellent connections, the decision makers themselves directly inform us when for instance structural changes occur within a company. This gives us the knowledge needed to identify a qualified investor for you.
We develop a tailor-made solution for you venture. We thoroughly analyse the potential of your property and develop a successful sales strategy. We identify potential problems early on and solve them prior to the transactions.
How many times has a transaction failed due to personal differences? We ensure that the right personalities and corporate cultures encounter each other. Interpersonal relations are a high priority at HPBA.
John Amram
Founder, HPBA

“Customers trust us.”

John Amram founded HPBA in 2009. Today, the company’s clients consist almost exclusively of long-term regulars, and new business is predominantly generated via recommendations. Ethical values play a central role for John Amram when advising clients: “Authenticity is the foundation of a good cooperation. We want to develop a long-term relationship of trust with our clients, so we won’t sugar-coat locations and numbers. We always work towards presenting optimum results. I often approach clients or strangers with the same openness as I would my family or myself.” Prior to founding HPBA, John Amram lived and worked in London for 18 years.
“HPBA is my preferred point of contact when I am looking at potential acquisitions or divestments in the German market. Whether they acted in a broker, advisory or DD coordinator capacity, HPBA has never let me down.”

Jared Hart

Managing Director
Thor Equities