21. Dec 2018 - Private Banking

Real estate sales under the radar: The advantages of off-market models for family offices

by John Amram

Rarely have so many properties been traded on the professional German real estate markets as during last year. This is also indicated by reports from the major real estate service providers, according to which 2018 was poised to achieve the highest transaction volume since records began. In many locations buyers are still paying record prices. Numerous German family offices are taking advantage of these high price levels to streamline their real estate portfolios – frequently after having held the properties for years and even decades. [...]

This article was originally published in German only. A summary in English is available.

Rarely has investment activity on the professional real estate markets been as brisk as it was in 2018. Family offices also rank among the relevant market players and are utilising the current market environment to streamline their real estate portfolios. John Amram, the founder and managing director of HPBA Off-Market Solutions, explains in a guest article why family offices should consider brokered off-market transactions out of the public eye. In addition to a greater degree of discretion and enhanced deal security, off-market models have the benefit for family offices that there are rarely regulatory obstacles which can be encountered with classical institutional investors.