29th September 2016 - Immobilien Zeitung

Expo Real? Too Hectic

Communication with his clients and contacts constitutes the core of his business. Nonetheless, John Amram, Director of HPBA Real Estate Solutions, is staying away from Expo Real.

John Amram is constantly on the search for potential buyers for his clients, with discretion being of utmost importance seeing as he mostly handles off-market deals. “I have to continually communicate,” Amram says; it is the only way to find the best buyer for his clients. Valuing high-quality interpersonal communication above everything else, he has decided to stay far away from Expo Real.

This article was originally published in German only. A summary in English is available.

The article begins with John Amram reiterating the importance of good communication between him and his clients, as it is the only way to find the best buyer for his clients. To make searching and identifying the best buyer for his clients easier, Amram maintains a network of contacts in which he emphasises interpersonal contact. Which is why he chose not to go to Expo Real. The structure of the fair doesn’t allow for qualitative contact, unlike the more intimate Mipim in Cannes. The article concludes stating that as Amram values interpersonal contact so highly his team consists of only five, carefully selected members.
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